Margot Lautens

PhD Student


Margot is a senior graduate student in the Molecular Genetics department. Following an H.Sc. in Molecular Genetics and History from the University of Toronto, Trinity College, Margot joined the Fraser lab in 2015. Margot is interested in characterizing alternative metabolic pathways in C.elegans to find potential drug targets in parasitic worms. To do so, Margot spearheaded with Dr. Amy Caudy to bring together a novel imaging assay with metabolomics and has developed several data analysis pipelines. Margot writes code in Python and R.

More information:


Rhodoquinone biosynthesis in C. elegans requires precursors generated by the kynurenine pathway.
Del Borrello S, Lautens M, Dolan K, Tan JH, Davie T, Schertzberg MR, Spensley MA, Caudy AA, Fraser AG.
Elife. 2019 Jun 24;8. pii: e48165.